Case Study: How to Make $6,000 a Month in Simple Ad Sales

case study how to... Jul 26, 2019

I can’t reveal the niche where I found this case study, but with a little tweaking this could work in any of the larger niche markets.

And best of all, you get paid upfront, before you even place the ads.

Here’s how it works:

I’ll call our case study entrepreneur Bob.

Bob puts out an email newsletter for free. And it’s a really good one, too, with plenty of great information. He doesn’t actually write most of the info, though. He uses Private Label Rights (PLR) and he gets permission to reprint articles and blog posts.

His subscriber base is over 25,000 people. And because he puts out such great content, his open rates are high, which means he can offer paid advertising inside his newsletter.

Bob’s content is presented as the main part of the newsletter, and then after the content he runs one ad per newsletter, which is a simple matter of copying and pasting the ads he receives from advertisers. And because it’s an email newsletter, he...

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