How to Make $100,000 Selling Your Product Online

getting started how to... Mar 13, 2020

Sometimes we just need to take a look at the math to realize that a $100,000 a year, or even a month, is entirely possible.

Here are some examples:


Let’s say you create a $37 eBook.

$37 x 2703 sold = $100,011

If you break that down per month, then 2703 divided by 12 months = 225 eBooks sold per month, which is less than 10 per day.

Can you sell 10 ebooks per day?

Let’s look at it another way. Are there 10 people in the world that you can help each day with your knowledge?

Audio Program

Now let’s say you create a $297 Audio Program.

$297 x 337 sold = $100,089.

If you break that down per month, then 337 divided by 12 months = 28 programs per month.

That is less than 1 per day.

How do you make an audio program?

Record audio with your computer. You might need to buy a quality mic or a headset with mic built in. That will cost you maybe $50, give or take.

You can use a free audio program like Audacity.

Whatever your topic is, divide it into sections and talk for...

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How to Create GREAT Products FAST

getting started how to... Feb 04, 2020

Yes, it’s awesome to give great info, but anyone – ANYONE – can do a Google search and likely get the same great info if they simply look long enough.

With this secret ingredient, you can crank out one hot selling product after another.

You can make mistakes in the products and people won’t care.

You can forget to include everything that should be there, and people still won’t mind.

You can even give mediocre information (although I don’t recommend this) and most likely get away with it unscathed.

But without this secret ingredient, you can give away the keys to Fort Knox and still be thought of as a mediocre product creator, at best.

I’ll get to that secret ingredient in just a moment. First, a look at the mechanics of creating a product…

Let’s assume you already have the topic for your product. What’s next?

Choosing the format. It could be a PDF, a video, a webinar, coaching, Facebook Group, podcast of whatever you want...

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Marketing Vocabulary You Need to Know

If you’re marketing online, it’s imperative that you master the language of marketing in order to maximize your results.

That’s right – knowing the language of marketing can actually increase your income. For example, if you don’t know what A/B testing is, then you’re not doing it. And if you’re not testing, I can almost guarantee you are losing sales that rightfully should be yours.

Just like any other profession or business, there is a learning curve. And part of that education is mastering the terms and concepts you need to succeed.

A/B Testing

Testing two versions of a webpage, email subject line, landing page, CTA, etc. to see which one performs better.


Tracking data and creating meaningful patterns from it that inform future marketing endeavors. The data can come from website traffic, conversions, social media, etc.


An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.

Bounce Rate

The number of people who land...

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Case Study: $3500 a Month Outsourcing Art Work

You already know you can hire a ghost writer to write just about anything for you, put your own name on it, and call it your own.

Marketers do it all the time. After all, just because you’re good at marketing doesn’t mean you’re good at writing or even have the time to write all the blog posts, emails, sales letter and so forth that you need.

Celebrities do this, too. For example, when a movie star or entrepreneur or CEO comes out with a book, there is an excellent chance that book was written by someone else.

So far so good?

What I’m about to tell you might immediately raise a red flag for a few people. And yet, it’s simply a variation on ghost writing.

You could think of it as ‘ghost art,’ I suppose.

I know of a woman who outsources original artwork and then sells prints of it on Etsy, Ebay, and other sites.

She hires artists to create original abstract art. And she’ll even find existing artwork that she likes, and then ask the...

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