How to Increase Conversions on Pop-ups and Squeeze Pages

…while simultaneously training your new subscribers to open and read your emails.

Traditionally, a squeeze page or pop-up is going to have a big promise in your headline, followed with 3 bullet points and an opt-in form or something similar.

But what if, instead of ONE big promise, you make 12 of them?

One online marketer recently tested a pop-up that contained 12 “Secrets” instead of the usual big headline and bullets.

It read something like this:

  • Yours Today… Free
  • 12 Potent Attraction Secrets
  • Secret 1: A method for winning hearts from Sir Lancelot
  • Secret 2: The one thing you can do to get a deeper commitment from him
  • Secret 3: How to have the BIG relationship discussion without alienating him
  • Secret 4: The secret “D Word” that will make or break your relationship
  • Secret 5: Tricks to making a man fall in love with you
  • Etc.

And then a box for entering the email address, and a button that says, “Get Access Now!”


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