Hacking Your Brain for Success

mindset Nov 01, 2019

How can we harness the power of our brains to push ourselves to accomplish things we don’t think we’re capable of doing?

1. Focus on enjoying the process. Most people can get better at anything if they are willing to put in the time and effort. Find ways to enjoy the process itself, so that it becomes more of a hobby or passion than a chore.

2. Detach yourself from the outcome. The way to enjoy the time and effort you put into learning a new skill – practice – is to detach yourself from the outcome and instead focus on the process.

3. Start small before going big. Practice in low stakes situations rather than trying to tackle something big first. For example, if your goal is to climb Mt. Everest, you’re going to start on much smaller climbs and work your way up to the big one.

4. Use small steps to push your own boundaries. Starting small and working your way up is how you can gently push yourself out of your comfort zone. By taking a series of small...

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